The volatility of the global economy can put your job security at risk. No one can ever predict what will happen next. One day you are in and before you know it, the next day you are out. Nobody’s job is safe.

Under these circumstances, having multiple streams of income is your best option. What used to be a passport to enjoy the luxuries in life, has now become a necessity to survive. It is not only great for stability, but creating your own economy allows you to use your creativity, your passions, and your gifts to take advantage during changing conditions.

When you create multiple businesses based on your passions and strengths, you stay on a more even keel. You create a leverage for your financial security should things don’t work out the way you expect them to be. Others might panic at the chaos and volatility of the marketplace, but you can remain calm and will therefore be able to see opportunities. Because of the stability you’ve created via multiple income streams, you can also take advantage of the volatility.

Chaos can be perceived as a negative word. Who would want to be involved in a chaotic world? You may think you don’t want chaos, but if we look beyond the naked eye, broaden our perspective, amazingly, there’s a lot of opportunity in chaos. As a matter of fact when chaos reigns, you have the most opportunity to accomplish significant goals and change things. It is just unfortunate that we sometimes fail to see what lies ahead in an environment of chaos because we are focused on the pains and hurts chaos brings.

The late President, A.P.J Abdul Kalam of India or otherwise known as the “Missile Man” can best exemplify what opportunity in chaos is. He worked his way up from the ranks. President Kalam faced each and every obstacle in life until he emerged from a “nobody” to somebody. In 2002, he became India’s 11th President.

Truly, it is difficult to live in a chaotic environment. It is a kingdom where anxiety and depression reigns. But as a quote from an anonymous author aptly puts it – “Chaos is order yet undeciphered.” It is a gift waiting to be opened.

Stay focused. Remain determined and continue to persevere. Go beyond your vision and stand firm for indeed, there is opportunity in chaos.