Unconventional thinkers change the world.

But instead of being celebrated, they are often ostracized. Theirs is the hero’s journey – to set off on a path of self-discovery, a journey that leads to the expression of their unique gifts.

On the path, they often encounter roadblocks or obstacle in the eight areas of life: relationships, career, health & fitness, spirituality, personal growth & development, inner technology, history, and family. In What is Your Roadblock to Fulfillment?, Pat Black brings ancient wisdom and unconventional thinking together and identifies techniques to release old patterns which may have served us at one point in our lives, but now have become roadblocks to our own growth, personal fulfillment, and societal contributions.

In What is Your Roadblock to Fulfillment?, unconventional thinkers will discover:

  • The powerful processes Pat used to escape feeling alone, isolated, and outcast as an unconventional thinker
  • Why trying to follow conventional wisdom instead of finding their own path isolates unconventional thinkers even more
  • Steps you can use to identify and shed your own childhood survival strategies
  • Ways to leash your inner unconventional thinker and flourish in life




Right now, the world is in dire need of unconventional thinkers.

Conventional thinking has created enormous problems and issues that only unconventional thinking will be able to address. We need cutting edge businesses and organizations, new technologies, and new approaches.

We need YOU to step into your genius, whatever it is, and express your gifts. In Cracking the Flourishing Code, entrepreneur and business thought leader Pat Black gives unconventional thinkers the tools to:

  • Step away from conventional community consciousness to become a confident outlier
  • Debunk the so-called wisdom of conventional beliefs about career and business
  • Create a healthy eco-system of support
  • Build a flourishing mindset
  • Uncover your unique gifts for career success and personal fulfillment



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