Flourishing in our physical health and fitness requires the participation of all of our other bodies. To promote health in our physical bodies, we need to be healthy and balanced in our spiritual, mental and emotional bodies as well. It is a whole package.  The growth of one aspect of our body affects the other areas of our bodies.

We need to cultivate a respect for our physical bodies and treat them with at least as much care as we would a precious pet! We should carefully consider anything and everything that we put in our  bodies – food, thoughts, emotions etc.

Our bodies serve as the sacred vessel of our consciousness, we need to serve them by being good stewards.

A good steward of our body means a good steward of our health.  This is no easy feat because it requires determination and discipline.  It is a personal commitment.  One pastor, Byron McWilliams,  even used a scripture as his motivation to achieve his health and fitness goals.

The verse –  “No discipline seems enjoyable at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it yields the fruit of peace and righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” was the driving force that pushed him to live healthy and go for the “big change” in his health.

The definition of good health and fitness is also dependent upon the unique mission we determine for our own lives. For example, if my mission is to be a high – performing athlete,  to show others that we can break through seemingly impossible barriers,  by setting new world records, clearly I need to cultivate an extraordinary level of health and fitness.

But if my mission is to be a writer and craft novel,  that inspire and entertain, my level of health and fitness will be different.  Though even in this seemingly sedentary lifestyle, good health and fitness will be important to fulfill  on  the  mission  we have set for ourselves.

Pause and examine yourselves.    What is your mission and work your health towards that direction? Once we know what good health and fitness looks like for ourselves, what gets in the way?

As in the other areas of life, our childhood survival strategies and misunderstandings of basic principles can lead us down an unhealthy path physically. However, do not let this be a hindrance to flourish in your health and fitness.  Focus on your mission, your goals and what you want to achieve.  Move forward and aim for the future.