As mankind has evolved over time and as we’ve gained more external technologies, we have lost many of our internal technologies – and we have lost the balance. To truly flourish, it’s important to trust your internal check and let go of the need to rely on the external for reinforcement.

Some of you may not be familiar with the term “inner technology.” Inner technology is comprised of those capacities and abilities that we each have inside us including such things as intuition, telekinesis, energy healing, telepathy, and clairvoyance.

Though these skills lie dormant in most of us, prior to the advent of agriculture, humankind lived and survived by these abilities. As hunter-gatherers, we relied on these abilities to help us find food, avoid danger, and repair wounds. But as we developed more “external technology,” we moved away from our innate inner technologies. People who continued to practice them were considered miracle workers, saints, or witches.

Today, we can seed clouds with chemicals to produce rain rather than pray for it. (By the way, the inner technology that produced rain has been called the “fifth mode.” It was not a petition to receive rain in the future but a statement of the “truth” of rain in the present.) We use the internet rather than tapping the collective unconscious and we watch TV to know what the weather is doing. X-rays and blood tests diagnose us; drugs and surgeries heal us. We have scads of data at our disposal to make decisions and we communicate with each other via phone, email, and text. Our electric blankets keep us warm and our smoke detector alerts us of impending danger.

With all of our sophisticated external technology, why would we even bother with those inner technologies?

Without these inner technologies, we cannot be fully empowered. Our external technologies are clever, but incomplete. The full knowing that can be tapped in the collective unconscious has not only data and information but also a wisdom and perspective the internet does not have. Conventional healing through drugs and surgeries often creates imbalance in the body system, which in turn causes other health issues. When we communicate electronically, especially in abbreviated mediums such as texting, we are not communicating the full breadth, energy, and experience of the message.

By relying on external technologies solely, we are at their mercy. When conventional medicine cannot find a drug or treatment to attack a disease, it is pronounced incurable. If we can’t get sufficient data or enough “consumer ratings” online, we might feel helpless about making a decision. If the power goes out, we feel helpless to stay warm and if our cell batteries die we have no way to get in touch with others!

We renounced our inner technology for external technologies and elevated our analytical thinking to become the “be all and end all.” Everything must pass the tests and measures of our conscious, rational minds to be “valid” in today’s world.

By slowing down further and accessing our inner technology, we realize that we have even more choices in our response. Our intuition offers deeper wisdom and insight. Our ability to sense energy helps us interact and communicate with others more effectively.