Welcome to the Journey

Visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist and renowned author Samuel P. “Pat” Black III invites you to take the journey of your lifetime. The Flourish Summit is your opportunity to follow Pat on his path to full consciousness. With his insights, you will obtain the tools necessary to create a positive reality, to be happy, to flourish.

The power is within you.

Unconventional thinkers, unite. The Flourish Summit is your online educational resource for personal fulfillment and career success. Pat Black eschews conventional beliefs in order to change the way people approach business — and live their lives. Prepare to ascend.

everything is energy.

Unlearn the negativity.

According to Pat Black, nearly everything we’ve been taught about achieving success is counter intuitive to flourishing. Success is too often measured in dollars and cents, not intrinsic happiness. While negativity continues to reign in our lives. Flourish Summit aims to help break down the negative misconceptions that inhibit personal growth—and take away our power.

embrace the four bodies
of your existence

physical | spiritual | mental | emotional

Don't forsake your internal technology for the external

Modern technology has invaded our lives at every turn. Yet inside us all, a decidedly more powerful and positive energy remains untapped. Those who can let go of their external influences—and set free the power within themselves—will truly flourish.

harmonize the opposites.