How Communities Can Change The World

Like conventional thinkers, unconventional thinkers need mentors in order to grow and expand, to teach them what their gifts are, and to help them hone them. The problem is that they can’t find such mentors within the conventional community. The school system doesn’t promote unconventional thinking, and our current economic and social structures don’t support […]

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How to Clear Negative Patterns From Your Life

It is often said that to live a positive life, you need to surround yourself with positive things and people.  But the big question is how can you expect to live a positive life if you are surrounded by negativity? Besides finding a process or path to help clear negativity, there are other simple yet […]

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Tilling The Soil of Your Brain

Decades ago, Earl Nightingale talked about planting a seed of deadly nightshade or a kernel of corn in a field. He said that the soil (our brains) didn’t care what was planted but would make each grow equally. Nightingale assumed that the soil was fertile. But as too many of us know, soil nowadays is […]

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To Find The Light, You Must Embrace The Dark

In order to believe in something’s existence, you must also believe there is an opposite. If you want to know what something feels like when it is wet, it is helpful to know what that same object feels like when it is dry. And so it goes for light – for you to see light, […]

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What’s the Root of Your Success

Many people attribute success to hardwork, perseverance and determination.  American statesman Colin Powell once said that “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”  While this may be a popular opinion towards success, some people may think otherwise. Stanford Professor Carol Dweck has done a […]

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