Have you ever noticed that you just think differently from other people? Throughout your life you may have been challenged in many different ways but weren’t sure why or how do deal with it? It may be because you are an unconventional thinker.

Unconventional thinkers are basically people who see things that others don’t see. They can visualize possibilities that haven’t taken form yet. They can see the bigger picture while most people only see what’s right in front of them. Unconventional thinkers can see where circumstances and trends are leading us and they can imagine what will be needed for the future that is unfolding. Their gift is that they can create something – whether it’s a building or a business or a new philosophy – out of what others see as nothing. Unconventional thinkers always see something in the nothing.

I’ve been one all my life. At times, it’s been difficult. But ultimately, being an unconventional thinker has led me to all of the success I’ve had in life, from the businesses I’ve built to the non-profit foundations I’ve created.

What I see right now is that the world needs unconventional thinkers to step up and step into who they really are. We need people who can create innovative approaches to the many problems we currently face. We need unconventional entrepreneurs who can imagine and implement a new paradigm of our global economy. We need people who are not boxed in by convention, tradition, or a false sense of security, to become our leaders, mentors, and teachers.

In my view it’s only the unconventional thinkers who will be successful in the future that is unfolding. These unconventional thinkers will need to become innovative and effective entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, not all unconventional thinkers have been able to offer their capabilities and become successful. In my own life and in the lives of others like me, I’ve seen that it takes a considerable amount of personal development to be able to bring the gifts of an unconventional thinker to a conventional world.

Without that personal growth, too many brilliant ideas and valuable solutions simply die on the vine. An undeveloped unconventional thinker will find himself or herself frustrated and unfulfilled by either trying to “fit in” with his conventional peers or constantly fighting a losing battle against “The Man” or “The System” – and fighting against something doesn’t get you nearly as far as fighting for something. Too many undeveloped unconventional thinkers are wasting their precious energy and resources.

It doesn’t have to be that way. By developing yourself, unearthing your strengths and talents, releasing your dream-destroying demons, positioning your mindset for success, and connecting to a community of like- minded others, you will be able to step into the beauty, power, and fun of being an unconventional thinker.